The agribusiness and manufacturing industry sectors are demanding environments that must meet performance targets and apply hygiene and quality standards.

As a professional in this sector, you need reliable, efficient and easy-to-maintain equipment that adapts to your uses and respects the physical integrity of the operators.

For many years, we have supported many professionals in the sector by giving them the benefit of our expertise and supplying efficient and versatile equipment. The SAUTEC belt conveyors have the advantage of being customisable thanks to many options available. In other words, you have an equipment that carries out all your operations – loading /unloading, conveying and storage – while adapting to your current and future constraints.

On the African continent, where we have significant expertise, the stakes are sometimes twofold as they can be linked to difficult and constraining operating conditions. Our ambition, through our simple and adaptable equipment, is to improve the productivity and performance of local businesses. Customers in the cocoa, coffee, sugar and flour industries have trusted us to meet these various challenges:

  • Improve the working condition of handlers
  • Increase productivity and shipping rates
  • Reduce the time of loading operations and therefore the waiting time of ships and trucks.
  • Reduce damaged bags