Efficient grain handling and storage with belt conveyor.

No matter what your business, time is a common concern when it comes to receiving your bulk goods and storing them.

You probably want to limit truck waiting time, reduce ships downtime or simply avoid exposing your goods to the bad weather.

For these reasons, we have designed a wide range of conveyor belts for farmers, transport companies and industries who want to save time and control logistics flows.

Our conveyor systems are versatile and allow continuous handling of products from the transport modes used to the intended storage areas.

A perfect example is the association of a truck unloader with a grains conveyor. The bulk material is received directly from the trucks and transferred to the storage building.

Mobile conveyor system that facilitates flat grain storage.

All our handling systems are mobile. The equipment like the grain belt conveyor can be easily positioned to adapt to site constraints and moved at any time. This mobility allows our customers to use a single solution to move from one storage area to another or to unload inside buildings. The use of a conveyor belt also allows you to increase storage capacity by taking full advantage of the height of your building.