Unloading trucks simply and easily with SAUTEC

For many activities, the time of unloading and downtime is an important notion. Perhaps, it is a part of your concerns and you are researching ways to shorten them.

This was the case for some of our customers who, as a part of their activities, had to unload trucks very quickly in an optimized and safe manner. By taking their recommendations and integrating their business issues, we designed and manufactured the truck unloader.

The truck unloader is a specific equipment that allows the unloading of trucks transporting bulk products. Thanks to its great modularity and ease of use, the truck unloader will allow you to:

  • Benefit from a solution that makes facilitate the maneuvers and alignment of trucks
  • Unload trucks in an optimized and secure manner
  • Limit the downtime of trucks
  • Remove impurities directly from the unloading