The wastewater treatment is a process made possible thanks to a series of steps combining technicality and technology. Among them: sewage sludge treatment.

As a designer and a manufacturer of mobile belt conveyors, the many projects we have carried out in the sanitation and waste treatment sector have enable us to acquire expertise. We are able to offer you concrete and effective solutions for handling sludge, from filter presses, for covered bulk storage, in sludge storage areas or in dumpsters.

Adaptable and customisable, thanks to our many options, our mobile belt conveyors allow you to handle sludge efficiently and safely. Moreover, we design equipment entirely in stainless steel, able to withstand aggressive environments and corrosive products present in the sludge.

Why use belt conveyor for sludge removal?

Our equipments have the advantage of being able to handle and transport sludge over long distances for a low investment. Also, they allow an efficient conveying of dewatered sludge and dried sludge with a dryness higher than 12%.