Carry out the loading of boats on board, simply, thanks to the SAUTEC equipment.

We benefit from over 30 years of expertise in the conveying and handling of bulk products. As a designer and manufacturer, we naturally wanted to use our know-how to provide you with solutions for loadings ships with bulk products.

Thanks to our mobile belt conveyors, the loading of boats, and more mainly of bulk carrier, is done directly alongside of the quay. Indeed, we have equipment specially designed to unload trucks and then ensure the conveying and transfer of bulk products directly to the ship’s hold. All of our equipment has many options that can be added or removed. For example, our motorized rotating chutes combined with the mobility of our equipment allow dockworkers to properly distribute the merchandise in the ships.

Our ship loading solutions also include truck unloading equipment; reception feeders and truck unloader, making it possible to eliminate the dumping of goods on the ground, which ensures greater preservation of the quality of your products. The cleaning of the docks is greatly simplified.