Improve your shipping rates with our simple solution for container loading.

During cocoa or coffee campaigns, the harvest must be exported quickly. However, containers loading operations can be tedious due to material constraints or logistical constraints (congestion in shipping areas).

The many discussions with our customer and the analysis of their needs have enabled us to highlight the many expectations for loading containers. Among them, we can raise the following points:

  • Increase productivity and shipping rates
  • Decrease loading times
  • Optimize containers filling
  • Ensure the safety of operators
  • Preserve products quality
  • Benefit from an efficient mobile solution without the need for a loading dock and which can be moved to your customers

For all these reasons, we have developed and designed several mobile and flexible stuffing stations for 20 and 40 ft containers.

Several containers stuffing solutions to adapt to your constraints.

Aware that container stuffing operations are different, depending on the technical means at your disposal, we have several equipment that can load your containers, whether they are inclined on a hydraulic trailer, in a horizontal position on a non-hydraulic trailer or placed on the ground.

All our installations are easy to handle and to transport, allowing you to load containers at your customers, near to shipping or farming areas.