Replacement of a fixed conveyor for the Senegalese brewery SOBOA.

July 28th, 2021
Replacement of a fixed conveyor for the Senegalese brewery SOBOA.

A major player in the agri-food sector and the only brewery in Senegal, the SOBOA (Société des Brasserie de l’Ouest Africain), produces and markets beer and soft drinks. For its activities, the company receives and stores, with the help of an elevator, a lot of 50kg bags of sugar. Following the ageing of its installation, SOBOA trusted us to replace its equipment. A project that led to the complete satisfaction of our client, the result of a great collaboration with local operators.

The need : to quickly replace an obsolete fixed stacker conveyor, an important link in the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing process.

The Senegalese brewery is regularly supplied with 50kg bags of sugar, which are essential for the production of sugary drinks. At our customer’s site, a fixed 18m long elevator is required to transport the bags from the delivery area to the sugar melter.

Dilapidated, SOBOA was subject to regular breakdowns of the elevator. This one was no longer able to lift the bags properly and no longer met the brewery’s safety and working requirements.

As an important link in the supply of materials to the production process, meeting deadlines was imperative for the customer. To supply the sugar melter, the bags are transported to the second floor of a building that also serves as a storage area. The challenge was to replace the old elevator quickly so as not to interrupt the production line.

Delivery of an fixed stacker conveyor and a 3m transfer conveyor to meet SOBOA’s need.

Firstly, we made several visits to the site to understand and analyse the customer’s needs and constraints precisely. This stage, which is essential, allows us to take the necessary measures for the design and manufacture of the replacement equipment.

The site’s maintenance manager gave us a clear instruction: the equipment delivered had to adapt perfectly to the configuration of the site. No modifications or civil engineering were to take place.

The response to the requirement was the delivery of 2 fixed machines. A 18m fixed stacker conveyor and a 3m long transfer conveyor. If the first equipment to replace the dilapidated elevator, the second was installed upstream of the elevator. Equipped with height-adjustable feet, it makes it easier for the operators to place the bags on the conveyor, thus reducing difficult tasks.

A joint operation with a local Senegalese partner : Technique Industrie.

Initiated by the creation of the SAUTEC Senegal subsidiary, our desire is to provide our customers with local services. Naturally, the dismantling of the old elevator and the installation of the new equipment were entrusted to a local Senegalese partner: Technique Industrie. 

10 qualified technicians with long experience in industrial maintenance went to the site to carry out the operations. In total, 11 days of work were required, 5 days for dismantling and 6 for assembling the new machines. This mobilisation made it possible to meet the deadlines imposed. 

Customer satisfaction resulted in a letter of recommendation and a request for an offer.

Entirely satisfied with the equipment and services provided, SOBOA wrote us a letter attesting to the quality of our services. A great pride for our partner and our entire team.

The Senegalese brewery also wishes to continue the collaboration with the aim of completing the sugar storage system. In fact, in the current configuration, the operators have to carry the bags out of the 18m fixed elevator and store them a few meters further on. SOBOA would like to supplement the existing solution with an equipment that would allow the bags to slide out of the elevator into the storage area. A project that would allow us to go even further in the ambitions we have set ourselves: to support local companies in their modernisation and contribute to the removal of difficult tasks.

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