Conveyor hire: 6 key points of our offer

June 19th, 2024
Conveyor hire: 6 key points of our offer

In many professional sectors, equipment hire has become standard practice.
The advantages of renting are obvious.

If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably wondering why you should hire a conveyor from SAUTEC and not elsewhere.

Here’s the answer in 6 key points:

When you hire your conveyor from us rather than from a general rental company, you benefit from the expertise and savoir-faire of a designer and manufacturer.

Your contact is an experienced technical sales representative. This means:

A rapid understanding of your needs and challenges

Personalised support throughout the project

Customised advice and solutions

We offer 3 ranges of conveyors for hire:

The construction belt conveyor

For transferring all types of bulk materials such as rubble, excavated material, sand, earth or crushed concrete. Designed to meet the needs of construction and public works professionals and industrialists.

The agricultural conveyor

For handling grain, pellets, fertiliser and other waste. An easy-to-use, manoeuvrable and mobile conveyor that offers great versatility for all types of use and sectors.

The truck unloader conveyor

For fast, safe unloading of lorries, farm tippers and other trailers. The ideal equipment for bulk goods professionals who want to simplify and make the most of their logistics flows.

Each project has its own needs and constraints. Our belt conveyors can be customised to adapt to a wide variety of situations. They can also be used to transfer all types of products.

Our equipment is very easy to operate. No special skills are required. Simply plug in the conveyor and follow the start-up instructions provided.

We ensure that our stock of equipment is rigorously maintained to guarantee that you have the latest equipment in perfect condition. We check and test each conveyor belt before delivery to ensure that we hire you reliable, high-performance equipment and give you peace of mind.

Our stock of equipment for hire is located in the North of France, on the site of a road haulage company. Our conveyor belts are ready to be delivered to you at any time. We deliver throughout France, as well as to neighbouring countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Our rental offer gives you flexibility and administrative flexibility. We take care of delivery, the supply of accessories and the management of any breakdowns.

You can hire a conveyor belt by the week or by the month, with the possibility of extending or shortening the hire period at any time. Long-term hire is subject to a sliding scale of charges.

You can also purchase the hired equipment during the first 3 months of hire. In this case, we deduct 90% of the hire payments from the purchase price. It’s a great way to test out equipment at a lower cost.

Our ambition is not just to offer you a simple conveyor belt hire service. We’re looking to build a trusting partnership to bring you solutions that optimise your operations, improve your productivity and give you peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.