7 good reasons to rent your SAUTEC belt conveyor.

June 10th, 2021
7 good reasons to rent your SAUTEC belt conveyor.

Equipment rental has been growing steadily over the past few years and is increasingly popular with companies. Maybe, it is already the norm in your organization? If by nature, the rental offers many advantages (better cash flow management, administrative flexibility, etc.), what are the added value of the SAUTEC rental offer? This is what we are going to see together. 

1. You rent an equipment adapted to your need.

This is the fault of some equipment rental companies: they quickly offer standard equipment, even if it means not responding to the customer’s specific needs. As a designer and manufacturer of handling equipment, we accompanied you and offer you equipment adapted to you need and business constraints.  

This is made possible by the ingenious design of our conveyor belts. The equipment we offer has a common base and is designed in such a way that the many available options can be added and removed at any time and in a few minutes: chutes, hoppers, frequency variator, swivel wheels, etc. In this way, you always have a belt conveyor that meets your needs and adapts to your activities

2. You are delivered within a short period of time.

When you are confronted with urgent and/or punctual needs, we know that delivery times are one of your major concerns. To meet this expectation, we are developing a network of equipment stocks with the support of commercial partners. To date, we have 3 stocks in France, located in Bambecque (59), Clévilliers (28) and Beaucaire (30), 2 of which are located with transporters. At any time, our mobile belt conveyor are ready to go. 

3. You benefit from ready to use equipment.

The rented equipment is delivered on a flatbed truck, in other words, it is delivered assembled and ready to use. Quick delivery is good, being delivered quickly and being able to use your equipment immediately is even better. 

4. You have proximity to the material.

For some of you, not being able to see the equipment and its dimensions or maneuverability can be an obstacle to renting. This is why our stocks located on the French territory allow us to propose you a physical network of proximity with our equipment. Whenever you wish, you can come and visit us to see the equipment. You are very welcome! And if our stocks are not located near your site, you can always visit one of our many customers. 

5. You benefit from a flexible offer.

The advantage of renting equipment is that you can benefit from flexibility. Our rental offer gives you flexibility in administration with a simplified procedure. We take care of the delivery, the supply of options and the management of possible breakdowns.  

We rent our equipment by the week or for one or more months. Whether you have an unexpected need or are behind schedule (or even ahead of schedule, it happens), just contact us to extend or shorten the rental period.  

6. You rent a recent belt conveyor.

Choosing to rent a SAUTEC grain conveyor, truck unloader or construction conveyor is a guarantee of recent equipment in very good condition. Each piece of equipment is checked and tested before delivery. The advantage for you is to have perfectly functional equipment at your disposal, externalising the risks of failure or breakdown. 

7. You can use rental to test the equipment before you buy it.

During the first 3 months of the rental period, you can purchase the rented equipment at any time. In this case, we will deduct 90% of the rent paid from the purchase price. This is an exclusive SAUTEC service that we offer to help you make your purchase decision. This allows you to validate the purchase with your operational team or to confirm a deal with one of your clients. 

You are still not convinced or you have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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